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The HABTIC corporate well-being solution consists of the following four core services, which are interconnected.


HABTIC The Program

Our Program is the heart of HABTIC. It can be accessed through a mobile app or tablet so it’s accessible at all times. The HABTIC program consists of the following parts:


The application contains all relevant content produced and approved by our team of scientists. The content is presented in various formats, including text, video, animation, and audio. Our extensive library of content seeks to equip your employee with all the information they could possibly need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Personalized Program

The HABTIC Program is driven by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is the technology that enables HABTIC to craft a 100% personalized and tailored healthy lifestyle program for each employee. It’s this personalized approach that sets HABTIC apart and maximizes the potential for behavioral change.


Every employee has an entire digital coaching team at their disposal, consisting of a Mentor, a Motivator, and a Professor. These 3 coaches will support your employee on every step of their well-being journey.

The mentor

The Mentor advises, selects the right content, discusses the program and progress, offers feedback, and suggests next steps.

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The motivator

The Motivator motivates the employees, cheers them on, gives compliments, and provides positive feedback.

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The professor

The Professor informs, offers background information, and is always available to employees that would like to receive more in-depth scientific backup regarding the modules and themes.

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The HABTIC coaching system is unique, proprietary, and part of HABTIC's IP.

Each person’s lifestyle is personal, which is why HABTIC creates a unique and personalized program for every employee.

Each person’s lifestyle is personal, which is why HABTIC creates a unique and personalized program for every employee.

Available anytime, anywhere

The Program works on all current smartphones and tablets. Therefore  employees can always access The Program and their coaches whenever they need it, whether it’s on their morning commute, during a break at work, or at home after a long day.

Personal well-being center

Every employee has access to a personal well-being center where they can get all sorts of personal insights into their well-being journey.

The data in the well-being center is based on their interaction with the Program after being processed by HABTIC’s well-being data and analysis system.  If the employee chose to integrate data from any wearables, they can also see this in their wellness dashboard.