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The HABTIC corporate well-being solution consists of the following four core services, which are interconnected.


Habtic Reporting Dashboard

HABTIC’s solution will not only help your employees live more fulfilled lives, but it can also provide you with valuable new insights into your company.  These insights will enable you to get a deeper understanding of how your most valuable asset is doing: your employees.

HABTIC offers standard reports based on aggregated employee activity which is GDPR-compliant. Since your company, for confidentiality reasons, will not have access to the employee data, HABTIC has developed a tool that creates a well-being dashboard per company. This tool is a data model named CONTRIBUTORS, which analyses the data and offers valuable insight into the impact and effects of the program.  These reports are available per quarterly activity cycle.

In these reports, you can get an overall picture of your employees’ well-being by getting better insights into how your employees are scoring in terms of:



Risk attitude



Coping with stress