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Habtonomics Model

A healthy lifestyle consists of various elements that need to be in balance for people to be at their best.  We at HABTIC believe that the only way to truly build a healthy lifestyle is by addressing all these aspects that contribute to well-being.  This requires an overall approach that needs to be 100% holistic.

Occasionally going to the gym or only minding what you eat is only a tiny fraction of a balanced lifestyle.

For this reason, HABTIC has developed a unique, multi-dimensional model which addresses the full spectrum of a healthy lifestyle. We call this the Habtonomics Model. This model is rooted in the core behavioural skills that form the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you will see these skills represented throughout the different components of our well-being solution.

This proprietary model is the basis of our solution, and every recommended action is based on the most recent scientific insights.  The model focuses on the core skills that will improve your employees’ healthy lifestyles.

We like to tell you more in a personal conversation about the different elements of the Habtonomics-model,  and the way how these elements work together holistically, to inspire for  behavioural change towards a healthy lifestyle.

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