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The Founders

In 2012, IIC Group, HABTIC Corporation’s parent company, was founded. The IIC Group was born out of a partnership between two serial entrepreneurs, Marc Kuijpers and Ron Joosten and their passion for entrepreneurship in healthcare.

IIC stands for Investors In Care. The founders chose to take a untraditional approach, by focusing less on traditional health care and more on holistic methodologies. Their goal? To tackle growing health and stress-related issues with their uniquely ‘integrated’ approach.

The experiences with their modern health clinics Phi and Rughuis, demonstrate the effectiveness of their personalized health and wellness solutions. These experiences combined with the vision to develop a preventive corporate wellbeing solution for employees of companies worldwide eventually resulted in the creation of HABTIC Corporation.


Ron Joosten (l) and
Marc Kuijpers (r)

Ron Joosten (l) and
Marc Kuijpers (r)

The factory

Over the past six years, HABTIC has been developed by Joosten and Kuijpers, along with 150 specialists from around the world. IIC’s Development Center (The Factory) has specialized knowledge and talent in software engineering, coding, game development, as well as graphics, design, interactive video technologies, artificial intelligence, data sciences and, and of course, behavioral science, health science and storytelling. The experts are from 40 different countries and cultures.