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Finding the right corporate well-being solutions to work for all your employees can feel overwhelming. Companies all want to provide their employees with the right tools to show up to work healthy and happy. 

Unfortunately, the occasional well-being webinar or monthly gym membership that some companies offer is only of value to a handful of employees.  Other solutions often just offer short-term change. So many of us have slipped back into old habits when the company wellness week is over.

The real purpose of any well-being solution is to modify behavior.But changing behavior is complicated:

  • Behavioral change is a deeply personal thing.
  • Intrinsic motivation is critical for success. An employer cannot push or enforce this.
  • Reaching the goal is the easy part. The secondary aim is to maintain a healthier lifestyle in the long run. This requires long-term, permanent behavioral change.
  • Habit change can take anything from 6 months to years and requires persistence and drive from the employee.
  • As the employee isn’t sick, corporate well-being solutions shouldn’t rely on the treatment principle, therapy methodology, or techniques. The focus should be on preventative measures that add to the employee’s longevity.

The real purpose of any well-being solution is to modify behavior. But changing behavior is complicated:

We at HABTIC are aware of these challenges. We’ve worked to understand what the fundamental characteristics are that a well-being solution should meet to be successful. We believe an impactful corporate well-being solution should be:

  • Personal: Every person on this planet is unique, so the solution should be optimized and personalized for the individual. A ‘one size fits all’ program does not exist.
  • Accessible to all employees: A successful corporate well-being solution can only be truly successful if it delivers long-term behavioral change to every employee in your company. The solution should not be limited to a specific location and time or the availability of teachers, coaches, and materials. The solution should be available to every employee in your company, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Holistic: The only way to truly build a healthy lifestyle is by addressing all aspects that define overall well-being.
    Backed by science: Every part of a successful well-being solution should be validated scientifically.

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